How to Create your Own Lanyard and Order in Bulk at Wholesalelanyards

If you’re thinking about buying custom lanyards, you can save more by buying them in a wholesale basis. This bulk purchase is good for companies, offices, schools, organizations, events and awareness programs. However, before that, we’re going to help you create your own lanyard. Wholesalelanyards is one of the very few companies that give you the freedom to pick and create your own lanyard and its attachments and additional options. And today, we’ll be teaching you how to make your own in their website conveniently.

How to Create your Own Lanyard

Step 1:

Go to wholesalelanyards website. If you want to check their prices for various lanyard types first, you can click “PRICING” at the top menu of the site.

Step 2:

Click “LANYARD BUILDER” found in the menu at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 3:

Here, wholesalelanyards will guide you step-by-step in the process of creating your own lanyard. In the text field beside “Quantity”, type in how many lanyards you want to be produced with your desired design. The minimum quantity to process an order is 100 lanyards.

Step 4:

Select your lanyard type, be it polyester, nylon, woven, dye sublimated, tubular or cord. Click the lanyard of your choice then determine your preferred width. The default size is an inch, but you can always change this to 1/2 in, 3/4 in, or 5/8 inch. If you’re done, click “Next Step” at the bottom to proceed.

Step 5:

LanyardsNow, you can choose your lanyard attachments and options. If you’re feeling a bit thrifty, you can choose free attachments to hold your badge holders such as the swivel J hook, bulldog clip, and key ring or thumb trigger. If you don’t like any of this, you can go to paid attachments including a cellphone loop, oval hook, carabiner hook, thumb hook, plastic J hook and no swivel hook. For additional options, you can pick safety breakaway, buckle release, horizontal badge holders, vertical badge holders, and an adjust bead. Again, if you’re done, click “Next Step” so you’ll be led to the next page.

Step 6:

Now, you’re ready to build your lanyard imprint design! For your convenience, our site has provided small blue “I” icons on each section, so you can hover over them and get more information. To preview your lanyard, there is an “example lanyard display” to the left of the screen. This immediately changes when you start picking out or changing your options.

Pick your lanyard color by clicking “Select Lanyard Color”, then select your imprint pattern and decide on the colors and font style of the text or phrases as well as the clip art (if there’s any) that you wish to use. If you want to use your own custom logo or text, you’ll have to fill out our Free Quote form.

Step 7:

Once done, click “Add to Cart” at the bottom of the page.

Step 8:

If you want to make changes in your order, click the tool icon at the right side or the “Continue Shopping” button below, which let you edit the item. However, if you’re satisfied with your order, you can click “Checkout”.

Step 9:

Fill in the details that we need for the shipping contact and address. Make sure every field is correct to avoid inaccurate delivery. Take a second to read wholesalelanyards’ important shipping information, too, which informs you or order, will take 2-3 weeks. If you’re sure you like the lanyard you designed and of the details you entered, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

Step 10:

If you want your order to be rushed, you can leave a comment in the comments field of the page and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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Different Uses Of Silicone Wristbands

Silicone Wristbands are also known as gel bands or jelly bracelets because of their interesting and flexible appearance. They are made of silicone and they come in a variety of colors which make them beautiful and low cost accessories. A person can wear multiple bands at the same time to compliment their OOTD or outfit of the day.

These bands first came out in the early 80’s and were used as cost effective marketing tools to promote concerts and sports events. Fans and supporters would wear the colors of their favorite artist or teams to show their support.

Nowadays, silicone wristbands are used for a variety of reasons from fashion to spreading awareness.

Here are a few popular and ingenious ways that these bands are being used for.


Since these bands can be made in different colors and are cheap to produce, a lot of organizations use these to spread awareness and get support for their cause. Some colors have been identified with specific causes.

Yellow – This color was used for “Livestrong”, a cancer awareness group that was set up by Lance Armstrong. Wearing gel bands in this color showed one’s support for the fight against cancer. Profits made from the sale of these yellow bands went to young cancer victims and their families to help them cope with their illness.

Rubber bracelets

Pink – Bands in this color is synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness. Survivors along with their friends and family wear silicone bracelets in light pink to help raise funds to research cure and provide assistance to other cancer patients.

These bands also help in inspiring cancer patients in their fight to win against this illness.

Blue – One other cause that used colored wristbands was promoted by a popular radio station in the UK. Blue bracelets were used to take a stand against bullying. With a lot of school aged kids suffering from terrible and traumatic bullying, this became a cause that spread like wildfire. Celebrities worldwide supported this fight and wore blue bracelets to show they were against bullying.

These bands are either sold or given away to show the general public of health or social issues that need to be given more attention.


With stiff competition in almost all industries, clever and efficient marketing techniques have become important for businesses to succeed. Silicone bracelets are eye catching and cheap to produce so these have quickly become a popular way to promote a brand.

These bands can be in a specific color or have names imprinted on the façade in fashionable and attractive styles.

A lot of sports apparel companies have also included silicone wristbands in their product line. Bracelets with popular logos are sold or given away to make the brand more visible to other consumers.

Partying made more fun

These flexible silicone wristbands have been used in different ways to make an event more interesting.

Party Invites – The fun starts way before the actual day of the event. Gel bands are used as invitations to spark the guests’ interests. The party’s theme is reinforced by the colors and prints on the band which also has details such as the time and place. In case RSVP’s will be necessary QR or Quick Response codes can be printed on this fun accessory.

Silicone Bracelets

Party Favors – Because these wristbands are low cost to produce, these are popular souvenirs used from children’s parties to fund raiser events. Manufacturers often give a discount for bulk orders so it is no surprise to find a couple snuck in the loot bags.

Tours and Field Trips

Supervising a tour whether it’s for school kids or adults can definitely be a challenge especially in crowded places. Gel bands help keep things organized by making it easier to spot who should be where. Numbers can also be imprinted on the band so that counting participants is quicker and more efficient.

This is a great added on security for school trips where children can sometimes wander off.

Organized Event Organizers

Whether it’s a concert or a party, there are often a lot of people involved in ensuring that an event goes through without any hiccups. These fun bracelets help the staff recognize each other in a crowded venue. So organizers can tell if everybody is where they should be.

Your company, school or organization can definitely enjoy the benefits silicone wristbands can bring. Keep your events organized or add a little bit of fun on your next office party. There are a lot of options available for your customized bands. Visit the-wristband-factory website to get more information.

Guidelines in Ordering Custom Trading Pins

Players, coaches, and sports officials consider custom trading pins as cherished icons of many sports. Athletes wear these colorful symbols during sports events. One of the highlights of the affair is the pin trading program where all the members of the participating team assemble to swap their pins.

Custom PinsIt is essential that trading pins are available before the start of the league. Hence, coaches and parents should check the following tips to guide them in ordering trading pins:

  • Gather all the vital information about the team, which includes the name, logo, mascot, and players. Get a clear and detailed copy of the logo.
  • Select a reputable online vendor by evaluating feedbacks from customers.
  • Order the trading pin from the supplier in advance. Companies usually guarantee a delivery time of about two weeks or less. However, when peak season comes in, they can no longer assure a fast turnaround. Orders usually peak from April to June. This is when manufacturers of custom trading pins experience delays in the release of ordered pins. Placing your orders early will exempt you from the stress of follow-ups and worries of not having the product on time. Even if you are uncertain that your team will be able to join the tournament, it is still best to buy trading pins. It is advisable to exclude the year in the pins, so they can still use them in the succeeding season. It is a disheartening scenario for any team to have no pins to wear or swap. Manufacturers recommend making your orders at least a month before the event.
  • Limit the people who will choose the design for the pin. It will take much time if you will involve all the players and parents in the selection process. It will create undue stress if each one will assess and have their inputs incorporated in the design. The suggested committee should include one parent and the coach to develop and decide for the suitable style. You can also ask assistance from the manufacturer to create the design. Most of the companies have graphic artists who will draft the design according to your specifications at no cost. Prior to giving your approval, it is important to ask for a copy of the design to make sure that they did not miss anything important.
  • In choosing custom trading pins, always keep in mind that large pins have better trading advantages. The size of the pin should be at least 1.5 inches. Majority purchases trading pins, which are about 1.75 inch to 2.5 inches.
  • In determining the right volume to order, experts recommend that each athlete should have at least 35-40 custom pins to experience an enjoyable trading activity. Statistics show that players do not limit trading within the league. Hence, if possible, include extra trading pins for friends and relatives. Seek advice from coaches and team managers who can help you make a proper estimate. Most trading pin manufacturers agree that buyers end up getting more pins during their second order because they were not able to anticipate the needed quantity. Moreover, manufacturers can offer you a discounted rate when purchasing in volume.
  • Include a collectors’ bag to safeguard your valuable pins. Choose a case with an excellent quality. The bag should be easy to use for either displaying your priceless collection or trading it during the tournament.
  • To ensure that your custom trading pins will be highly tradable, include additional styles such as wiggle heads, blinkers, glitters and spinners. This will make your pins more enticing to other players and traders.
  • When you receive the products from the company, verify if the pins are in good condition. Immediately return substandard pins for replacement. Organize the pins so that you can easily hand them out to the players.

It is important to know the essential things to do in purchasing custom pins so that your team can fully enjoy the game and the trading activities. The real worth of these pins is in the friendship and experience that the athletes gain during the event.