The Qualities Of A Suitable Golf Driver

Golf driver are essential for any golf enthusiast as it is extremely important for improving their game; however, a lot of players make the mistake of neglecting making the right choice. Especially for beginners, the basis on selecting golf driver is usually how good it looks.

You can only have one driver club in your golf set, so make sure that you pick the best one suitable for yourself.

Here are the driver qualities that you should look for in order to achieve that.

• Loft

This is the most important variable when choosing the driver for you. The usual loft range for most golf driver is around 8.5 to 12 degrees, with some custom ones having even lower loft values, around 5 degrees. Which driver you should get based on their loft depends entirely on your swing speed. If you’re averaging 100 mph or more, a loft of about 12 degrees or lower should be enough for your driver. However, if your swing speed is below 90 mph, or if you simply wanted more backspin for your ball to keep it airborne, then a driver with more loft is recommended for you.

• Shaft

Golf DriverChoosing the proper shaft type for your driver carries the same idea as choosing your loft, in that it also depends on your swing speed. A golfer with a fast swing speed will prefer a driver shaft a stiff flex, which can provide them with more control over the ball flight as it keeps a low backspin and trajectory rate for it. Those with slower swing speeds may find a driver with more flex on their shafts preferable, as they can provide more backspin for the ball and a higher trajectory, which keeps it airborne for a longer period, at the cost of losing some control over where it will land.

• Club Head

To achieve the maximum distance when taking a tee shot, you need to have your driver hit the so-called “sweet spot” in the club head. If you think that you’re not consistently hitting that spot, then look for golf driver with a high forgiveness rating, which still gives you a respectable shot distance even when you’re not able to hit the spot. For most golfers, though, a driver with the largest head that can be controlled effectively is highly recommended.

• Club Length

callaway golfAs with other types of golf clubs, a driver which has the proper length for the golfer will allow them to devote all their concentration into swinging the ball, without any discomfort that may come when bracing themselves for the right position. The driver should not be too long for the golfer so as they’ll be able to grip it properly, yet it should not be short enough so as to not make them hunch over when they take a swing. For this purpose, it’s highly recommended to do a bit of club fitting first, to make sure that you find the driver that’s appropriate for your height.

If you are still confused about finding a driver, then it’s highly recommended that you simply head over to your preferred pro shop and ask for the recommended golf driver based on the feedback that other buyers gave them. You can also ask around your fellow golfers to see which driver they use, and use it as a guide when getting your own golf driver. Make sure that you try out the different golf driver that you encounter during these visits, and by getting the feel of each and every driver that you come across, you’ll be able to find the best club driver that’s suitable for your preferred specifications.