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We say that history changes everything, even if it is through a single page. After all, we are the ones that hold the pen, the ones deciding to write history as if it is our own, the future that we want to create, and the future that we want to showcase to the next generation. Each story that has been chronicled through the pages of time is always the story of survivals, of pain, heartbreak, loss, struggles and victories at the end. After all, we do want to make it happen, to transition to a point wherein we don’t have to stay at the same place if we want our dreams to be within our grasp. It is alright for us to fall down, to get beaten up, but in the end, we have to stand up and fight back, and finally rest when we win such battles.

military coins

That kind of description applies to those who were once part of the military wars that shaped our history. We have heard the stories of World War 1 and 2, the Cold Wars, the 7 – 11 bombing at the World Trade Center, the current situations that occurred in places that are prone to explosions of the military groups that are in a constant strife against each other. The warriors that have fought gallantly against the foes were known to carry the traces, through scars, lost limbs, and even exhausted bodies. What matters is that these individuals have survived the harsh times and these brave souls are still living to tell the tale in case the kids are curious about such times. We can be there to spread the word and to narrate the stories that may be absent from the school history textbooks.

And that can be made possible through challenge coins, which can be available through

The Tokens of Bravery

Challenge coins are used as a token of appreciation for people who have been served as part of the military, or are bestowed towards government officials as a form of appreciation for a job well done for serving their respective countries. In case there is the need for some fun competition, especially with buying the drinks at the bar as the consequence, the coins are used as the sign of being part of a group that participates in the event. Slamming and scrapping the coins are the noises conjured to show that the challenge is ongoing. Everyone that partakes in the challenge shall present the coin, and the one who must buy the drinks depends greatly on the outcome: the loser that does not present the coin will have to buy drinks for everyone, or the challenger must do that if everyone shows those tokens.

Basically, it was a fun method of entertainment back in the good old days of war, since soldiers do need a break every now and then from all the tension.

Custom Coins

Through, we can see more of these stories, especially from the folks that have decided to buy, sell and even trade these tokens. After all, there are war historians or coin collectors wanting to inspect more of these token from us. The collector’s eyes may sparkle as these individuals see the coins on display via the website. If the selection of the coins is outstanding for the devotees, then may be labeled as the newest online hotspot for people who consider delving into history as a hobby, as a favorite pastime and even as a job to tackle. After all, appreciating about history can be worth sorting through details, researching every single piece that may be otherwise be lost in oblivion, or even delving through books for hours at libraries and rental bookstores. It is definitely a travel done the memory lane, laden with colors of the soldier uniforms and obscure skies that are slowly dissipating through the silver lining.

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