Guidelines in Ordering Custom Trading Pins

Players, coaches, and sports officials consider custom trading pins as cherished icons of many sports. Athletes wear these colorful symbols during sports events. One of the highlights of the affair is the pin trading program where all the members of the participating team assemble to swap their pins.

Custom PinsIt is essential that trading pins are available before the start of the league. Hence, coaches and parents should check the following tips to guide them in ordering trading pins:

  • Gather all the vital information about the team, which includes the name, logo, mascot, and players. Get a clear and detailed copy of the logo.
  • Select a reputable online vendor by evaluating feedbacks from customers.
  • Order the trading pin from the supplier in advance. Companies usually guarantee a delivery time of about two weeks or less. However, when peak season comes in, they can no longer assure a fast turnaround. Orders usually peak from April to June. This is when manufacturers of custom trading pins experience delays in the release of ordered pins. Placing your orders early will exempt you from the stress of follow-ups and worries of not having the product on time. Even if you are uncertain that your team will be able to join the tournament, it is still best to buy trading pins. It is advisable to exclude the year in the pins, so they can still use them in the succeeding season. It is a disheartening scenario for any team to have no pins to wear or swap. Manufacturers recommend making your orders at least a month before the event.
  • Limit the people who will choose the design for the pin. It will take much time if you will involve all the players and parents in the selection process. It will create undue stress if each one will assess and have their inputs incorporated in the design. The suggested committee should include one parent and the coach to develop and decide for the suitable style. You can also ask assistance from the manufacturer to create the design. Most of the companies have graphic artists who will draft the design according to your specifications at no cost. Prior to giving your approval, it is important to ask for a copy of the design to make sure that they did not miss anything important.
  • In choosing custom trading pins, always keep in mind that large pins have better trading advantages. The size of the pin should be at least 1.5 inches. Majority purchases trading pins, which are about 1.75 inch to 2.5 inches.
  • In determining the right volume to order, experts recommend that each athlete should have at least 35-40 custom pins to experience an enjoyable trading activity. Statistics show that players do not limit trading within the league. Hence, if possible, include extra trading pins for friends and relatives. Seek advice from coaches and team managers who can help you make a proper estimate. Most trading pin manufacturers agree that buyers end up getting more pins during their second order because they were not able to anticipate the needed quantity. Moreover, manufacturers can offer you a discounted rate when purchasing in volume.
  • Include a collectors’ bag to safeguard your valuable pins. Choose a case with an excellent quality. The bag should be easy to use for either displaying your priceless collection or trading it during the tournament.
  • To ensure that your custom trading pins will be highly tradable, include additional styles such as wiggle heads, blinkers, glitters and spinners. This will make your pins more enticing to other players and traders.
  • When you receive the products from the company, verify if the pins are in good condition. Immediately return substandard pins for replacement. Organize the pins so that you can easily hand them out to the players.

It is important to know the essential things to do in purchasing custom pins so that your team can fully enjoy the game and the trading activities. The real worth of these pins is in the friendship and experience that the athletes gain during the event.